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What is a Podcast?...A podcast is video or spoken word audio broadcast with content that can be downloaded and listened to on a variety of devices, including iPods, computers, certain mobile phones or other Mp3 players. The beauty of a podcast is that you can listen to it when you want to--on the way to work, at work, while feeding, scooping poop, or training your dogs.

How do I listen to Mushing Magazine Podcasts?...The easiest way is to use Apple's iTunes software--it's free. Simply click the “Subscribe” icon below. iTunes will automatically download new episodes to your computer as they are published. You can also just check back to this page for updates and listen to the podcasts directly on your computer.

Is there a fee?...No, currently our podcasts and the iTunes software are free.

What will I hear if I download a Mushing Magazine Podcast? 
...Essentially something that sounds very much like an interview on a radio program.

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